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Project Description

PS2Wiz is a PowerShell Host that displays output and reads input as a Windows Server 2012 Style Wizard.

By Keith Garner



Stop Spending time creating front end wizards to existing PowerShell scripts.
And don't use Powershell to create Windows Forms (Yuck).

This tool will automatically generate a User Interface based on your script's interaction with the host.
  • Write-Host output is displayed in the wizard as text.
  • Read-Host - is drawn on the screen as a TextBox.
  • Write-Progress - is represented with progress bars.
  • Prompt and Prompt for Choice are displayed the appropriate input.
  • and more...

Video Demo

Licensing and Support

This project is distributed under the more restrictive MS-RL license, please contact for other Licensing Options, or for other Support Consulting Options.

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